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I'm on a journey to make art, to paint, classically, realistically and then painterly... men, women, trees and plants, cows, oceans, skies, clouds, mermaids, mermen, houses and barns, and anything else I find beautiful. Dogs and cats, horses even. Air, water, fire, earth, snow, glass, fabric, stone and marble, grass... I study Masters, color theory, perspective, figure, portraiture, landscape, still life, composition, abstract and realism and Munsell cubes, drawing, different mediums and anatomy so that 'me paint pretty someday.' I mean no offense to any plant, animal, mineral or viewer in so doing as I improve my craft. I am grateful to those who model as a profession and my friends and teachers and grass and trees and cows... rocks are hard, cows moooove and nude humans have bits.

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