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Crayola Lied

Passages... that's the closest I can come to labeling an upsetting experience I had artistically growing up... a loss of innocence, chromatically. I could talk about art eternally but recounted how upset I was when I discovered crayola lied... yes all those colors exist, it's true... but chartreuse does not come out of a tube. I said you have these 20 or 30 pigments and they have names like ultramarine that do not correlate with crayola or Munsel for that matter. Haha!! And these names are for minerals and have been around for a long time, and all of the mediums use the same names... there is no crayon called burnt umber! My listener didn't get my point... I said it's like say love... you can't get pure love straight from a tube... it has to be mixed from other colors. Lol

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